Corporate Events

Tasty Team Building

A truly great team building day or corporate event should make every single employee feel like a superhero! Master a new skill, conquer a challenge, beat the clock, surprise yourself or wow friends and family with your amazing baking.

Come to LoveBread to spend a day achieving things you never thought possible.

Discover hidden talents

Develop new skills and unleash your true potential

You and your team will work with our bakers to make a variety of traditional breads.

  • At Lovebread we have cooked up an event that requires teams to roll up their sleeves and use their loaves to create a selection of delicious baked breads
  • Teams will be supplied with their own purpose built baking station and our baker will demonstrate how to bake some delectable breads.
  • So, don your aprons in this truly tasty baking team building and baking event. You’ll go home with a fuller tummy, new skills and you will be complimented on your wide selection of scrumptious breads


  • Improves communication, interacting and collaboration skills
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Teaches the art of time management
  • Illustrates the importance of individual team member talents.
  • Encourages teams to be more resourceful


  • Trained staff
  • All ingredients and equipment
  • Light lunch
  • Recipe sheets


  • All stages of mixing, kneading, folding and shaping of dough demonstrated by in house baker.
  • Individual production of different types of bread
  • Team bakes

……so why not contact us and we can put together all aspects of your baking event today. (