Learn to Bake SourDough Breads

Sourdough Basics

We’re offering a new workshop in the New Year. On this workshop, we aim to introduce you to using sourdough (natural leaven) in breadmaking.

You will begin your own starter, refresh and take away some of ours, create a sourdough pizza for lunch. Recipes, kneading, shaping and baking also covered in detail. You will take home recipes, dough and bread.

Due to the nature of sourdough bread, we will work at all the different stages but will not bake a loaf from start to finish as this is a lengthy process!

Cost: £75 (includes lunch) Bookable online, Sunday 19 February (Fully Booked) or Sunday 19 March

Traditional Breadmaking

All our loaves use a traditional ‘sponge and dough method’ using stoneground flour.

Our sponge and dough method is a simple  process, the sponge is made and allowed to ferment overnight and then the sponge is added when we mix the final dough. This gives the bread long fermentation time, a depth of flavour and a great texture.  We use the sponge and dough method in  our daily bake and also teach this method of breadmaking on our courses. If you want to know more – please ask when you’re next in the bakery.